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Happenstance makes the most of Fuller’s amiable collaborative sensibilities… a collective spirit of improvisation… the players… contribute equally to a lush, moody, and mighty soundscape… an open, inviting listening experience.”  Yale Alumni Magazine, May/June, 2019

“Jeff Fuller and his trio are absolutely “happenin’ ” on his newest recording, “Happenstance”.  Each composition and arrangement is beautifully executed by the trio, with sophistication and modernism.  Fuller’s bass lines, as always, are brilliantly crafted as well as his masterful soloing. Indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed this record! “ ~ Christian Sands, Grammy nominated pianist, composer, formerly with Christian McBride.

“The keen musicianship on display throughout is nearly flawless, both in each player’s proficiency on his instrument and in his chemistry with the other band members. The musicians’ skill is matched by an unfussy, crystal-clear production.”  Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent on "Shoreline Blues"


"The Call From Within is a lengthy exposition in the time-honored piano trio format. It’s [Fuller's] first album of all original compositions, and it is a pleasure to hear his voice as a composer filtered through so many facets of the jazz tradition across the tunes — from samba and Latin jazz to some ballad-like touches and a few good jazz waltzes, with a little bebop and postbop harmonic sensibility sprinkled throughout."   --- Adam Matlock, New Haven Independent


"'Within' dazzles listeners with every piano chord pressed, string plucked, and easy going tap of a cymbal." --- Abigail Adams, International Musician


“Local jazz luminary Jeff Fuller and his upright bass invoked the ghosts of jazz past, bending these specters to his modern will. His head tilted toward the strings, as if the bass were telling him a secret. It was both a tête-à-tête and a séance—a humdinger put on display on Oct. 7 at the 9th Note [New Haven’s newest jazz nightspot]. With pianist Darren Litzie to his right and drummer Ben Bilello to his left, Fuller was the helmsman at the rudder for a trip unlike any he’s embarked on before.” -- Jordi Gassó, New Haven Independent


“Fuller is best known for his virtuosic and expressive bass playing, both on upright bass in jazz combos and on six-string electric bass guitar in his Brazilian music…” – Hank Hoffman, The Arts Paper


“The jazz performance that Sunday in early October consisted of Tony Lombardozzi on guitar and Jeff Fuller on bass. The two delivered an entertaining set. High pitch chords of the guitar combined with the deep mellow sound of the bass, resulting in a soothing, bubbly sound that encouraged you to snap your fingers and nod your head.” -- Margaret M. Wright,


 “… a versatile and eclectic bassist…” – Diane Orson, WNPR


“Jeff Fuller, who has ties to New Haven’s Neighborhood Music School and the Educational Center for the Arts, has played with Eddie Cercone for over 40 years. Fuller commandeered the microphone to note several points of synchronicity: Not only did he and Cercone wear similar clothes that evening (white sweaters and light slacks.) But they both, born decades apart, share the same birthday. Extending the coincidence, Fuller reported that his “biological dad,” who would have turned 100 were he alive, also shared the same Nov. 30 birthday.” – David Sepulveda, New Haven Independent


“Jeff has been, and still is, touching the hearts and minds of young people; helping facilitate their career and give them … not just music lessons, but life lessons… [many people can perform gigs or record their own music] but to make sure you leave a legacy in the hearts and lives of many people who will carry it on, that’s beautiful.” – Jesse Hameen II at Jazz Haven award ceremony,


“Fuller has made the world his stage.” -- Cliff Furnald, New Haven Advocate


“ …bass lines so propulsive you don’t even notice the drummer sits out…” – Francis Davis, Village Voice


“ …well known for his harmonic acuity and rhythmic precision.” – Allen Lowe, Jazz New Haven


“ … excellent orchestrations.” – Chucho Valdez, Irakere

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