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This Season in Jazz ~ 4/26/2021 ~ and … we’re back (sorta)!

     Greetings once again, friends!  I hope this message finds you well and healthy… and vaccinated!  It’s been a long, cold winter and a slowly thawing spring, so I’m happy to report that things are gradually getting back to normal in the jazz world. I’ve heard from many of you that you’re itching to listen to some live music. Let me tell you, we have missed you just as much as you have missed us!


     I picked a good time to have my rotator cuff (shoulder) repaired (January) and in the ensuing 13 weeks of recovery and rehab I was lucky not to be called to do an extended world tour on jazz bass!  But now I’m ready…. so if you know of any world tours, let me know!

     Seriously folks, I’m grateful to have made it through the worst of this pandemic with minimal suffering, healthy throughout except for the shoulder.  I have been carrying on teaching and Zooming with students and colleagues and I have a number of on-line videos on my YouTube channel.  I hope you can check them out sometime.

     I’m especially proud of my Neighborhood Music School Premier Jazz Ensemble’s efforts during this quarantine period. You can see the results of their year-long recording efforts on a just-completed video I did on Facebook.

     Until this past weekend my last gig had been on September 27th, 2020!  I worked four times that month, courtesy of guitarists and friends, Mike Coppola and Tony Lombardozzi.  This past Saturday (4/24) I was thrilled to be back on stage with Atla and Matt DeChamplain at Nelson Hall, Elim Park, Cheshire.  This was for a private audience of residents only, but a video will soon be forthcoming!

     Now … I’m happy to announce my upcoming jazz gigs!  Though they may seem few and far between, the ice is figuratively melting and I’m sure there will be a bunch more gigs to announce soon.  Hope to see you at one of these performances.

     This Friday, April 30th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, I’ll be playing with outstanding 9-string guitarist Michael Coppola at RiverView BBQ, 117 Roosevelt Drive (Rte.34), Seymour, CT.  Mike’s jazz guitar stylings have always been unique and amazing.  With a bit of luck we might coax his talented daughter, Michaela, to sit in with us!  Hope you can drop by – we’ll be playing outside, by the riverside!  And the food is great.

     On Sunday, May 1st from 12 noon – 3 pm, I’ll will be performing with guitarist/podiatrist Gary Grippo at Quattro’s Italian Restaurant & Bar, 14 Water Street, Guilford, CT.  An authentic jazz brunch is on tap here, and though it’s a duo gig I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry Ries didn’t show up on trumpet.

     May and June are looking light right now, but these are the months I expect will fill in and soon. A brief look ahead… way down the road:

     On Wednesday, Wednesday, June 30th, from 6 – 9 pm, I’ll be joining my YouTube collaborator Joe Carter’s Samba Rio Trio at La Zingara Restaurant, 8 Barnum Square, Bethel CT.  Brazilian jazz under the stars!  Joining Joe and me will be the marvelous Graciliano Zambonin on drumset.  Reservations are a must, click here.

     Two July gigs at Best Video Film & Cultural Center, 1842 Whitney Ave., Hamden.

Friday, July 16th from 5 – 7 pm, guitarist Joe Carter and I will perform as a duo.

Saturday, July 24th, 5 – 7 pm, my own trio of Darren Litzie on piano and Ben Bilello on drums.

     Well that’s all for now… I’m happy to be back in touch.  It’ll be great to see you again at one of these gigs.  By the way, if you do hear of any jazz world tours, keep me in mind!

Jeff Fuller

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