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Jazz Update ~ 6/9/2020 ~ life in these extraordinary times!

     Greetings, friends!  It has been two full months since my last new posting here – whew! And THAT was 3 weeks into the quarantine!  Now, as the world has reeled from COVID-19 pandemic but also has been rocked by the brutal killings of George Floyd and countless others at the hands of police, we are still in a historic time of upheaval and change.

     My most fervent wish is that we take these events as lessons to be learned by and for all of us, and for the betterment of humanity and the planet Earth.  We each have a contribution to make towards increased awareness not only for ourselves but also for a higher collective state of consciousness.


     Speaking of jazz (!) … I eagerly look forward to the return of live gigs!  Besides composing a bunch of new tunes, my output has been limited to online music.  Please check out my You Tube channel which features recent activity, including a live performance by myself and Darren Litzie on closed circuit TV, and two installments of my bass duets on the theme of What My Country Means (to me).  Also featured are collaborations with Joe Carter, Laura Volpintesta, NMS Premier Jazz Ensemble, and my Yale Jazz Combo.   My trio recordings, with Darren LItzie on piano and Ben Bilello on drums, are available online here, here and here.

     And the venues … like Best Video, Café Nine, Ayuthai, Quattro’s, Smokin’ With Chris, Home Restaurant, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Lenny’s Indian Neck and Elm City Market – the places where jazz has been consistently programmed – are all open, as far as I know, for outside and soon to be inside dining (6/17). They and their staffs deserve our support.

     Now for some really good news!  I have a gig this week! Friday, June 12th, from 7 – 9 pm I’ll be playing with outstanding 9-string guitarist Michael Coppola at RiverView BBQ, 117 Roosevelt Drive (Rte.34), Seymour, CT.  Mike’s jazz guitar stylings have always been unique and amazing.  With a bit of luck we might coax his talented daughter, Michaela, to sit in with us!  Hope you can drop by – we’ll be playing outside, by the riverside!

     Well, that’s it for this short message -- thanks for reading! Looking forward to more live music, joy and togetherness!  Please, stay well, safe, healthy and happy! 

Jeff Fuller

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Impromptu session with Wu Man, renowned pipa virtuoso!

     Jeff Fuller & Friends, live at the Side Door Café

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